Thursday, December 3, 2009

Daddy's Shoes

Why is it that kids always want to wear their parent's shoes? Is it some fetish we are born with? I know I did is as a kid. And Cale is no exception. Except maybe that he has extra large shoes to fill.....size 14! But at the rate his foot is growing he will be there in no time :)

My Latest Creations

I just finished my third cake decorating class. The more classes I take, the more I love decorating the cakes! I am thinking about quiting my day job to do cakes! I wish! Maybe one day though. For now I would love to do it on the side and if I can build a business out of it that would be fantastic :)

For now, here are my latest cakes!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Cake Course #3

I started course 3 in my cake decorating classes! In this class we are introduced to fondant :) Here is my first experience working with fondant. I thought it turned out beatiful for my first go-round!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Air Show

This weekend we went to my mom's at the beach to watch the air show. I was afraid that the loud noise would scare Cale, but he did great.

Here he is walking. Yes he is now officially walking. It took him long enough but he has finally figured it out.
Playing catch.
Loving on baby Trevor
Watching the planes
Jason and Brody watch the planes "put on a show" as Brody kept saying :)
The Blue Angels

More Cakes...

Here is a cake I made for my friend Trudy for a wedding shower that we gave her at church.


I know I am a little behind but they always say that it is better late than never!

This year Halloween and the Florida / Georgia game fell on the same day. We always go to Jason and Jenny's for the game, so that plan was still in effect. Out dilemma was what to do about trick-or-treating. Since Cale is still young and doesn't really understand the concept we were not sure what we were going to do. After talking to Jenny, she said that they were all going to go up to FBC Callahan for their annual fall festival instead of trick-or-treating. That sounded good to me.
We got Cale a puppy dog costume to wear, but since it was 85 degrees on Halloween, we decided that we couldn't possibly put him in it. So he went as Super Tebow instead!

Here are Baylee the Butterfly, Brody the tennis player, Trevor the tennis ball, and Cale as Tebow.

Sharing his sucker with Daddy!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Cake Course #2

I just finished my last cake class for course 2. I really enjoyed this course! We learned how to make about 8 different types of flowers. It was a lot of fun to be able to make something so pretty and have it turn out like it is supposed to! Here are some pictures of my final cake that had all of my flowers on it. Starting course 3 next week!

This is what happens when you let Cale feed himself!