Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Beach Baby

Cale got to experience the beach for the first time this weekend. On Sunday we all went out to Mom's after church. It was Jessica and Caleb's last weekend in the states, and Mom wanted to get us all together. Mom had bought Caleb and Brody kites for Easter and it was perfect weather to fly them. So we all loaded up and took the short trip to the beach to fly kites. Cale had not yet been to the beach, so it was all new to him. We put out a blanket for him to lay on (yeah right!). That lasted all of about 30 seconds. He was to the edge in a flash....but stopped once he reached the sand. It took him a few minutes to figure it out, but then he was off!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend

Warning....this could prove to be the longest post ever! Don't say I didn't warn you...

Where do I begin. As you all know from previous posts, Cale has been sick. Well he decided to share his germs with Mom and Dad. I ended up with the worst of it (of course). So with that said, this was a very long and painful weekend.

We will start with the FBC Easter Egg hunt. I had gone to the Dr the day before and she had given me a couple of medicines to try. She wanted me to do 2 for a couple days and see if that helped, and if not then I should start the antibiotic. Well needless to say, I was feeling much worse, so I started the antibiotic along with the decongestant she gave me.

And we were off to the egg hunt (30 minutes late, but we were on our way). It was overcast when we arrived, but the wind quickly blew the clouds away. It turned out to be a beautiful morning. The farm where we had the egg hunt had tons of animals. Cale couldn't really figure them out. He just kept staring at them. Kailyn took Cale into the barn to see the rest of the animals while I went to find somewhere to sit. I was really starting to feel bad, but I didn't want Cale to miss out on all the fun (the things you do for your kids).

Luckily the egg hunt started pretty soon after I found some water and a place to sit. Cale "found" and few eggs, but the only thing he knew to do with them was to put them into his mouth! Go figure :)

After finding some eggs, I knew I had to go. By the time we got home I was feeling really sick. My hands were cramping and my arms tingling, I was breathing really heavy and feeling like I was going to faint. It was really scary. So Bryan immediately got on one phone with the doctor and the other phone with his mom (to come get Cale). The doctor said that what I was experiencing was a normal side effect and told me to stop taking the decongestant and to stick with the antibiotic. It took an hour or two (very longggggg hours) for the decongestant to wear off. It was awful! Finally I was feeling a little better. Still running fever and no appetite, but I didnt feel like I was going to die anymore.
Bryan's mom kept Cale for the rest of the day, but I still wanted to dye Easter eggs. So we got everything together and we did eggs that night. Cale had no idea what we were doing and could have cared less (again, the things we do as moms). He was much more interested in the plastic eggs from the egg hunt and the big spoon we got out to dip the eggs with. Of course it didnt really help that it was very close to bed time either. He ended up eating his bottle as we finished the eggs....

Bryan was trying to show him what we were doing :)

The finished product...
After the eggs, it was time for bed. That night the Easter Bunny came to leave Cale some goodies and of course and Easter outfit. As soon as we put him by his basket, he went straight for the race car and dumped the whole basket over!

Easter morning was quiet an experience too. I was still feeling bad, but I was not feverish, so I thought I would attempt church. I knew that taking a shower and getting ready (blow-drying my hair, make-up, dressing, etc) would be the test. If I could do those things, then I felt I would be okay to go to chuch. Well I somehow managed to get ready (it took me 2 hours, but I did it!). So we headed off to church. After church we went to Bryan's parents for lunch and of course a family picture. It was there when I felt my fever coming back.

I made it through lunch, changed clothes, and then found a couch to crash on. The Easter Bunny also visited Cale at Granny and Papa's house and Aunt Valerie's too! He was so funny going through the baskets!

After baskets, Bryan and I, both headed home for some rest while Cale stayed with Granny and Papa. We both got a good nap, but my fever just would not go away! So I called in for Monday (today), because you cant work with a fever! I am glad to say that I am feeling much better today. My fever is gone and I have been able to eat a little more. Hopefully I am on the uphill climb to recovery. What a first Easter for Cale. I sure hope next year is much better!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Playing with the dog

I fixed the videos...they should work now. Let me know if they dont :)

Here is some video of Cale playing with the dog - through the storm door - while we were in TN.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Cale Crawling

Cale has been scooting around for quite awhile now. But as of last week he is officially crawling. Here is a video I took of him on his first day crawling....

We're Home!

We made it home last night (or should I say this morning) around 2:15. I was so glad to be home in my bed. I think Cale was too! He slept until 8:30 and I didn't hear him cough at all last night (that could be because I was out cold - but I am sure I would have heard him). We had a great time. Chad and Heather took off Monday and Tuesday to hang out with us. We were out and about on Friday and Saturday, took it easy on Sunday and Monday (due to a sick baby) and managed to make it out Tuesday for one last lunch date before we left!

Cale spent a lot of his time sitting at the front storm door looking outside. He loves outside! On this particular day, Ivory was outside and so Cale was playing with the dog. Ivory was barking so loud I was afraid that it was going to scare Cale, but he never flinched!

Cale and Manning were good buddies while we were there. They loved to play together.

It snowed off-and-on all day on Tuesday. It was not cold enough to stick, but it sure came down hard several times throughout the day. If Cale had not been sick, I would have taken him out to play in it!

Ok, I had to include these.... Here is Cale in his crib. Cale has learned that if he turns around in his crib and looks through the slats, that he can see down the hall. Because of this we have started closing his door. So this morning after we put him down for his nap, once he got quiet, I went in to check on him and this is what I found. He was asleep with his head leaning on the crib! Sweet boy :)

Monday, April 6, 2009

Quick Update

We arrived safely in TN late Thursday night. It was kind of dreary on Friday, but Saturday and Sunday were both beautiful - sunny and in the 70s. Now it is Monday and a high of 40 today! They are calling for snow tonight and tomorrow.....hello, I didn't pack for this kind of weather! When I check the weather to pack for our trip, the lowest of the high temps was 63, not exactly snow weather! Any who...we are planning on coming home tomorrow night, but we will see how the weather goes.

On another note, Cale got sick the day after we got here. I thought he may have an ear infection because of the way he was acting. So Heather called her friend that works at a Pediatrician's office in Maryville. They are open on Sundays, but only until 12 (we called at 12:30). So we decided to take him in today. I was concerned about his ears and didn't want to wait until Wednesday when we got home. Everyone at the Dr was very nice and accommodating. The Dr checked him out and his ears were clear! So no ear infections! He does have an Upper Respiratory Infection though. We went and got him a humidifier to use to help him breathe better at night and during naps. I am ready for him to be well!

See you all soon! I will update with pics when I get home :)