Friday, October 23, 2009

Fair Time!

As a kid I can remember looking forward to the fair every year! It was always so much fun. Even as an adult I always enjoyed going, not for the rides, but for the food! This year I was excited to take Cale. We took him last year, but he was still too little to do anything. He couldn't ride much this year either, but the Merry-go-Round was just enough!

We started out with the animals. Cale is very cautious of any animal. He likes them from a distance, but not close up. This was no different. He did great until we got to close. He did like the "babbits" and the "burds". Both the chickens and rabbits were in their own cages and I guess that made him feel safe.

After that we had to stop and let him "drive" the golf carts.

Then we were off to ride. Cale was so funny. He never got excited at all, but he cried every time we had to get off the rides!

Papa and Granny insisted that Cale had to win a prize. So they picked the duck game so that Cale could just grab a duck and win a prize. Well, Cale wanted to play in the water instead of grabbing a duck!

Here he is with his prize (that is deflated already!).
Playing another game...
It was starting to get too cold, so we decided to head out. On the way out we stopped to see Aunt Valerie at her booth.

In the truck and out of the cold!


Tina Davis said...

awww me being sick this week has made me miss the fair! im so sad,..maybe next year! he looks like he had a blast next year we wont be able to stop him!

The Panke's said...

Looks like ya'll had a good time. We haven't ventured to the fair yet, maybe next year.

Kasey said...

Mr. Bobby bought Hayley an inflatable dolphin that didn't even last thru the night!