Monday, August 9, 2010

June Catch up!

As we entered June....we were looking forward to so many things....
Here is June in a nutshell!

These are the sweetest pictures to me! I love it when Bryan will grab the camera to capture these sweet moments. These were taken in the last few days of school.

Here Cale got ahold of the camera...and instead of Daddy taking it away - they both played with it!

Cale loves all things "BOY"! Any kind of ball or car or other boyish toy. He loves to get this football helmet that we have in our house for some unknown reason, and play with it! It is way too big, but he doesn't care!
I just love this one! My mom found these adorable rain boots on sale at Target this spring and bought them for Cale. They were intended to be worn in the fall, so she bought them big. Well as I was cleaning his room one day, he found them in his cabinet and insisted that he put them on! He is so funny in them because they are still too big for him and he can barely get around in them, yet he has been wearing them ever since!
Also, you may notice that he is in big boy undies!!!! One of my goals this summer was to potty train. I am very pleased to say he did fantastic! After about 3 days he had the hang of it. We are still struggling to poop in the potty, but I am sure that will come in time.

My cell phone decided to die the end of May, so since I "had" to get a new one, we splurged and got an Iphone. Best decision ever! I don't know who plays it more, Cale or Bryan....and it is supposed to be my phone :)

In June we also celebrated Jason's birthday. As a tradition, we always go out to eat. It was great this year because Jessica and Caleb were able to join us. Here is the best picture I got of the birthday boy with all the little boys.

While Jessica and Caleb were here, we met up at the zoo. I bought a membership pass in the spring and we were able to use it for us and only had to pay for Caleb. The boys had a blast! Cale loves the animals and of course we had to ride the train!

While they were here we also spent some time at Mom's in the pool! Here are Cale and Caleb in their matching swim suites. Cale just wanted to get in the pool! He has done so good in the water. He is, however, deathly afraid of the beach!

With potty training came a big boy bed (look for it in the July post). I had my eye on a bedding set at Target for a while. Lucky for me, the put it on clearance right before we switched his bed. I was so excited it! I was able to get all of his bedding and accessories for 50% off! With his bedding I found the cutest piggy bank. He just wanted to hold the pig at first until we showed him that you put money in it. Now any time he sees money, it has to go in his "money pig" as he calls it!

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