Saturday, November 22, 2008

My hubby

So, most of you know that my husband is a high school football coach. That means that for 12 weeks during the fall I have no husband. He has practice everyday(not getting home until around 7), games on Friday, and coach's meetings on Saturday morning (yes, I said Saturday!). Needless to say, I have not known what to do with myself this week. Football is officially over and I have my husband back. I has been wonderful. I get to come home and have help with Cale!!! I think that the nicest part is that he is here to watch Cale while I cook dinner. Cooking and trying to entertain a 3 1/2 month old is no easy task. I like cooking, but I dreaded it before because it was so hard to do both. I have cooked a lot this past week. I even cooked tonight (I never cook on the weekends!). We even made a trip to Kingsland this afternoon. That never happened during football season. By the time Saturday afternoons arrived, Bryan was too tired to want to go and do anything. I am really glad it is over and Bryan is home more. I love when we get to spend time together as a family. And I am looking forward to much more of that!


The Panke's said...

Family time is GREAT! I love when Paul gets home early and plays with Olivia-it's so precious. On thing I learned about cooking with Olivia around and no help is to have toys in the kitchen for her. She has a basket of kitchen toys-spoons, spatulas, and rubbermaids. She absolutely loves it. I also used to bring her walker or exersaucer in the kitchen. Don't worry once he's mobile he'll want to help you cook and do everything else:)

Hollie said...

Yay! it always helps to have an extra set of hands around!

Cale will love playing with kitchen utensils, pots and pans, etc.!