Saturday, November 15, 2008

Sweet Boys

On Tuesday, since we had no school, we loaded up and head to town. Brody and Caleb (my nephews) both have birthdays coming up and I needed a baby shower gift. So where better to go than the new Babies R Us and Toys R Us combo store at the town center. Bryan was excited about going to Toys R Us because, as we all know, he is a big kid himself! It was nice that they are connected because Bryan was able to cruise through the toys while I gathered the things I needed.

Since we were in town, of course we had to meet up with Nana. She needed a Cale fix and some sweet sugar. She met us while we were still shopping. From there we decided to go to dinner. We tried Cantino Lareno (I think that is what it was called). It was "gourmet Mexican food". It was the type of Mexican I can handle. We both enjoyed it, but I think Bryan would have licked his plate if I would have let him. He ate every last bite. It was good, but I wouldn't have went that far :)

On the way home we decided to stop by Jason and Jenny's, which we almost always do anytime that we go to town. Don't know why we do, it just always happens. Brody was thrilled to see "Na" (Uncle Bryan) but could had cared less that "Tatah" and "Baby Tale" were there. In the midst of the visit, Cale ended up chilling in the recliner. That is when Brody thought he would go check things out. It didn't last long and Brody was not thrilled about the camera, but we were able to get a couple pictures of our two sweet boys!

Having Tuesday off definitely messed my week all up, but we had a great day together as a family!


Ashlee Davis said...

He looks so happy and I enjoyed holding seeing you today; what a beautiful smile he has!

Ashlee Davis said...

COMMENT EDIT! "Holding him and Seeing you today" :P

The Panke's said...

How cute:) I can definately see him on a Saturday afternoon watching a Gator game with his Daddy:)

TheVanzants said...

Love that sweet smile!

I've been wanting to go to the Toys R Us/Babies R US store...but haven't come up with a good enough excuse yet. Will def. hit it up for Christmas shopping soon!