Thursday, June 21, 2012

Catching up

Although I won't go through all of the details of the past 10 months or so, I will get you caught up to speed on our crazy life.

*Madelyn is now 10 months old!  She is full of life and into everything.  She is pulling up on anything she can get her hands on and will even let go and stand there by herself.
*Cale is almost 4!  Holy Moly where has the time gone?????  He will begin Preschool this year (tear, tear!).  He is so excited to go to "school".  He is so talkative and a social butterfly.  He would talk to anyone!

*Bryan and I are about to celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary in a little less than a month.  That to me is just crazy!  We are still both teaching.  We have recently joined a new church, Grace Covenant Presbyterian.  We love fellowshipping with all of our dear friends.  Cale loves it too.  He has learned so much since we have been going there.  He got in front of the church about 2 months ago and recited his catechisms.  I was so proud!

So that is our life lately.  I have some DIY projects that I hope to work on and will be sharing soon!