Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A new hobby...

As a mom of a baby girl, I am always seeing something cute that she just "has to have".  Yeah right, like she really needs half of what I buy her! But none the less, she cannot leave home in anything less than adorable.  For this very reason, I have started my latest hobby...sewing! 

I have always thought that a sewing machine was this super complicated being that I would never be able to figure out.  Don't ask me why I had the preconceived notion, but I did.  But when my girlfriend asked if I wanted to take a basic sewing class with her, I agreed.

The class was for beginners, Sewing 101.  There they taught us how to load our bobbin, thread our machine, and sew basic seams.  We learned how to make a pillow case.  I was totally surprised how easy it was to work the machine!  Again, I have NO IDEA why I thought it would be so hard.  I borrowed a machine from my sister in law for this class.  I knew if I enjoyed the class I was going to ask for a machine for Christmas.  Well after the class I was hooked!  Tina and I signed up for another class before we ever left the store.  At that point I knew if I was going to continue to take classes, I wanted to learn on my own machine.  So I found one I wanted on for $89 (pretty reasonable, I thought) and asked my hubby if I could go ahead and order it. Of course he said yes :)

While waiting on it to arrive, I scoured the internet in search of easy sewing tutorials.  I found a dress that I thought I could make and just couldn't wait for my machine to arrive! By the time it came I was beyond ready to try it out.  Luckily, it was easy to thread and I was off and sewing.  Madelyn had 2 new dresses in a matter of days. 

I felt very accomplished and proud!  Using just a yard of fabric each she had 2 new dresses for about $15!  Much cheaper than buying dresses, but still just as cute!

My next project was a Christmas ribbon shirt.  I had recently ordered her a cute pair of "Christmas-y" pants that I got on clearance and I had the shirt pinned on my pinterest board and it immediately came to mind.  After following the tutorial here, she had a new adorable shirt!

My next project is to tackle ruffle pants.  I have watched several tutorials online and I can't wait to try them out!

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