Sunday, November 25, 2012

Camera Strap DIY

Very excited to say that I hit up Joann's this weekend for a lot of $1.99 a yard fabric!  How exciting :)  Needless to say, I couldn't go long without sewing something...ha!  I have been wanting a strap cover for my camera and  I was dying to make something out of some super cute fabric I got.  After reading a couple of how-tos online, I decided to make it my own way.  I tried it out and it worked perfectly!
Since it turned out so well, I thought I would give you a little tutorial on how I did it so you can make one too!

Note:  This is for a Cannon camera strap...if you have another brand your measurements may be a little different.

First of open your fabric all the way up...If you have to buy fabric, you only need about a 1/4 of a yard.

Then take and fold over the end to 4 1/2 inches and cut all the way across.

Next cut off the raggedy end.
Now measure and cut 26 inches.

Leave your material folded in half and press it.

Then open up the fabric.  Take each side and fold it back in to the center crease that you just pressed.  Press each side.  When you fold in the second side you want it to come right up to the first side, but you don't want them to overlap.
Now it is time to fold and press the ends.  First fold over once, about a 1/4 inch, and press.

Then fold over a second time and press again.  Do this on both sides.

Stitch across the fold.  I did 2 rows of stitches to give it a "fancier" look.

Once you stitch both ends, fold your piece in half again on the first crease that you pressed.  You may need to press again.  Line up the open side and sew all the way down.  Make sure that you back stitch at each end to knot your thread. 

Again I did a double row of stitching.  At this point you have a long tube of fabric.  But you aren't quite done yet.

Although the other side is a fold and doesn't technically need to be sewn, I did a double row of stitches on that side as well to finish it off.  It makes it look complete.

Ta-da!  You are just slide it over your camera strap and enjoy! 

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