Friday, April 18, 2008

25 week update

I am currently 25 weeks pregnant! We are getting there quickly. I am now growing rapidly. Someone tells me how big I am getting at least once a day. Even my kids at school tell me I am getting bigger. Yes, I know! And no, there is not more than one in there! Thank the Lord :)

The baby is really active now. Even as I sit here and type it is kicking me to death! Sometimes it is subtle, but others times it startles me how hard such a little thing can hit and kick! Bryan finally got to feel it a week or so ago. It has been active for a while, but it has really gotten busy the last couple of weeks.

I am really enjoying pregnancy, even though I am getting big. Here are some of the latest will see that my bellybutton no longer exists!


Dana said...

18-28 weeks was my favorite time during my pregnancy :)

You look all aglow!

Conner Cutoff said...

dito dana-

How bout dirty- is he putting on weight?

Ashlee Davis said...

i have a blog now... :) Well, i love the first pic and hope to see you soon. We miss you two, you need to come to the house and see the floors