Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Update on everything exciting!

Hello to all! I am very new to this so forgive me as I am learning exactly how this all works.

A quick overview to catch you up on what is going on in our family.

Bryan and I are expecting our first child!!!! I am currently 23 weeks pregnant (over half way!). Only 17 more weeks to go! We are expecting our little one to arrive, as the doctor put it, "on or around August 1st". Because they rarely arrive when they are supposed to!

We have decided to not find out the sex of the baby. So it will be a surprise to all. I know a lot of people think we are crazy, but it has been very exciting so far. Instead of planning for one, we get to plan for each.

Here are some pictures taken throughout the pregnancy so far....enjoy!

20 Weeks

Sonograms from 18 and 20 weeks

Here I am at 20 weeks waving to Mommy and Daddy

These are my feet at 20 weeks

At 18 weeks I have already learned how to put my hand in my mouth

18 weeks

16 weeks

14 weeks....the first belly pic!


Dana said...

Hey Tara -- I'm Garrett's cousin Dana (I think we met at Lara's shower..) Congrats on your pregnancy!

TheVanzants said...

You're too cute :) Hope things are going well.

Conner Cutoff said...

Glad to see the blog up and going.

monica said...

Hey Tara! Your belly is too cute. I am glad to see that you are showing off the baby to be. Best wishes!