Monday, April 6, 2009

Quick Update

We arrived safely in TN late Thursday night. It was kind of dreary on Friday, but Saturday and Sunday were both beautiful - sunny and in the 70s. Now it is Monday and a high of 40 today! They are calling for snow tonight and tomorrow.....hello, I didn't pack for this kind of weather! When I check the weather to pack for our trip, the lowest of the high temps was 63, not exactly snow weather! Any who...we are planning on coming home tomorrow night, but we will see how the weather goes.

On another note, Cale got sick the day after we got here. I thought he may have an ear infection because of the way he was acting. So Heather called her friend that works at a Pediatrician's office in Maryville. They are open on Sundays, but only until 12 (we called at 12:30). So we decided to take him in today. I was concerned about his ears and didn't want to wait until Wednesday when we got home. Everyone at the Dr was very nice and accommodating. The Dr checked him out and his ears were clear! So no ear infections! He does have an Upper Respiratory Infection though. We went and got him a humidifier to use to help him breathe better at night and during naps. I am ready for him to be well!

See you all soon! I will update with pics when I get home :)

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Kasey said...

Have fun and stay warm!