Saturday, June 20, 2009

Daddy's boy

Last week, Bryan went and got the lawn mower so he could cut the grass. Well, as soon as Cale saw him out there, he wanted to join him. We thought it would be fun to let him ride, so Bryan turned the blades off and took him for a ride. Cale grabbed onto the wheel and he was in heaven. Bryan rode him around for a few minutes and then tried to bring him inside so he could get the grass mowed.

Ummm......THINK AGAIN!!!!! My sweet little boy, pitched a MAJOR fit! Bless his heart! He was so upset. Bryan decided to stay in so that maybe he would calm down. It took a little while but he finally settled down.

Bryan was able to get the grass cut, but not until several hours later. Cale and I watched from the window :)

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Jenny said...

Just let him ride while you cut the grass. It's great - remember that's how I put Brody to sleep when he was 3 months old - I guess Cale's a little older so it may not be as easy.