Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Jason!!

This past Tuesday was my brother Jason's birthday. It is tradition in our family to go out to eat for everyone's birthday. Jason picked Carrabba's. It was yummy!!!

Jason and Jenny came from work, so I picked up Brody on my way. He and Cale had a large time and great "conversation" on the way. Let me just tell you....Brody is a smart little boy! As we were crossing the Dames Point bridge, I asked him if he could see the water. His response was "that's not water, it's a river". Well then, smart boy! Nana had told him that was the St. John's river the last time he rode with her. Shows you that they soak it all up!!!

It was a great time and great food. It was the last birthday dinner that we will have before the new addition arrives. Jason and Jenny are due in August with a ..... well we don't know what it is yet :) But I can't wait to find out!


Jenn said...

I thought that she was pregnant the last time Jeff and I saw her but didn't want to ask! A growing family is always fun!

Abbi said...

looks like a great time! happy birthday to your brother!!

Tina Davis said...

u guys better have some girls in that family!!! ur boys are just tooo pretty not to have some girls!! ahh i love ur family they are really cute!! Happy b-day bro!