Monday, July 13, 2009

Ace of Cakes....move on over!

In being the ambitious first time Mom that I am, I decided that I would decorate Cale's first birthday cake. After looking online for the perfect race car cake pan, I came across the Michael's craft store website. They advertised for "Wilton" cake decorating classes. I was very excited! But I knew I did not want to do it by myself. So, after some careful thinking, I had the perfect partner in mind....Tina!!! Of course it didn't really take much to talk her into it because she loves crafty things. She also thought that her sis-in-law Mandy would love to join in the fun too!

Well, we signed up and were off! The first week was mostly intro and just watching, but today was all about the cake!!!! We had to come to class with a cake that was already iced (with home-made butter cream icing, might I add!). Once we were there......after our frantic rush to get everything in the car and make it on time....we got right to business.

We started off practicing on our practice boards. Today we learned how to do stars, wavy lines, tight zig-zag borders, writing, and started learning how to do a rose. After much practice, we were turned loose on our cakes!!!

Here are a few pics from today's cake....

Not sure why it is sideways????
Here are my stars
Tight zig-zag border and a star border on the bottom
Writing....not as easy as you would think!
Here is the whole cake (right-side-up!)
Make sure to check Tina and Mandy's blogs to see their cakes too!
We are having a blast and plan on doing the next course too!


GirlB300 said...

I am very impressed! And yesterday's cake was yummy!! I've always wanted to do this but never made the time. Perfect for a teacher in summer break!! =)

Tina Davis said...

very very nice! but i think yoyr cake may be better then mine! ughh ill have to try harder next time! hehe j/k love it and i cant wait until wed!!!

The Panke's said...

Nice job! Having a homemade cake made by Mommy will make it extra special:)

Abbi said...

ok, that looks good!!! can't wait to see more pics!