Friday, July 3, 2009

Vacation in Sebring, FL

WARNING: This post contains A LOT of PICTURES!!!!

The day that we returned from the lake, our dear friends from TN, Chad and Heather came down. After some unpacking, repacking, and loading the truck up, we were ready to hit the road. This time we went south to Sebring, FL. Where is that you ask? Because I had to ask is about an hour and a half past Orlando. Since we waited so late to try and plan a trip, we had to take what we could get. It turned out to be good though. It was a nice condo with a pool....what else could you ask for?

Since Chad and Heather will not be able to be here for Cale's birthday, they decided we should celebrate a little early! Here he is opening his first gift.

He wasnt sure about the bow...

But he wore it on his head for a long time!

Trying to eat the paper
Sweet boy!
Swimming in the pool was nice. Cale loves the water, so he splashed and played for a long time.
One afternoon, Cale got into his diaper bag. In there he found his favorite puffs. No biggie. Then he figured out how to open them! He thought he was something else! Needless to say, he got himself a snack :)

Cale loves to read. Here he is reading a book to Aunt Heather.
Time for more presents!!!!

Then it was time for Cale's favorite part.....the CUPCAKE!!!! My child loves to eat, so he was all about this part. He didnt even hesitate about grabbing it and digging in!

Do you think he liked it?????
Let's just say, that I had to bath him twice. Once to get the cake off, and then once for an actual bath!

Here is Cale asleep on Uncle Chad's lap. He laid right up there and went to sleep. Too sweet!

Playing on the floor with Aunt Heather and his new dump truck :)
Playing in the bath with his new boats!!!

We had a great time. It was really nice to see Chad and Heather and spend some time with them. We wont see them again until Thanksgiving :( So we always make the most of each visit!

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The Panke's said...

The puffs make me laugh, wait until he goes to the fridge or the pantry and helps himself:) Then you'll really laugh especially when he grabs something he wants.