Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I'm Back!

Bryan and I spent the weekend away in Pigeon Forge. We went with our church on a marriage retreat. It turned out to be super freezing cold, but we managed to survive.

It was a long weekend away from Cale. This was the first time that we left him over night....much less for 4 nights. By Sunday I was ready to be home with him. But we are definitely glad we went.

We actually left a day early so that we could go see Chad and Heather in Maryville. They had Friday off because of cold weather. They had an "Arctic air advisory" on Friday. Yeah, never heard of that one! So, we were able to spend the whole day with them before heading up to check in to our cabin.

We stayed in a cabin with Amy and Gannon. It was nice....I loved the fireplace and the king-sized bed most! Over the next couple of days we had a lot of free time to sight see during the day time and at night we had sessions.

On Saturday we went all gathered at the Apple Barn for breakfast.

From there we went with Amy and Gannon on a ride through the mountains and up to Cades Cove. We had many photo opportunities on the way up the mountains. They provide areas to pull off the road all up and down the mountain. So we pulled over several times to see snow and ice.

Caught the snow ball in mid-throw...and yes it hit me!

Here we are in Cades Cove.
It did not really snow the whole time we were there. But here is a picture of the snow that was coming down on the way home. I talked to Heather later that evening and she said that it snowed there all day! Wish we could have been there to enjoy it, but I was past ready to get home to my baby boy!


AmyT said...

looks like a fun trip!!! YUM apple barn!!!!! love the pics!!!

GirlB300 said...

We left Mon. at 6:30am so we totally missed the snow! Bro. Wayne said they had two inches on the ground at our cabins by 9:30!!! Great pics Tara! We had fun hanging out w/you & Bryan Sat. night.

What time did you guys get home? We were home at 2:30.

Abbi said...

aw...looks like fun!
first trip away from cale???!!! it's hard but we all need that one on one time sometimes!

Jaime said...

That looks like so much fun!!

by the way you won an award on my page :)

Anonymous said...

I'm jealous!!! I want to go to the mountains so bad!! I use to go all the time!!

check out my page for your award...

Holly said...

I gave you an award...read my blog to find out more!