Thursday, January 1, 2009

Boy what a year....

This has been one wild and crazy year! Let's see if I can give you a brief recap :)

January - we started off the new year in Orlando with our friends from TN. We went down the day after Christmas for a trip to Disney. It was quite a trip. I was about 8-9 weeks pregnant and can we say SICK! January was also when we spread the word about our newest addition. We told our families on Christmas day and everyone else after our trip to Orlando.

February - no big events....still prego and still sick!

March - comes FCAT at school and my first "almost fainting" attack during the FCAT and one of many unplanned visits to the Doctor. Everything checked out fine. We also took our annual spring break trip to TN. I am glad to say that I was no longer sick and my belly was starting to stick out!

April - moving along in my pregnancy. We decided not to find out what we were having and it was a blast. The girls at the dance studio through me a lovely baby shower!

May - the next several months were very rough for us. Bryan's Papa was very sick and in the hospital. By the end of the month they were going to move him home with Hospice Care.

June - started off with Bryan's Papa passing away and his funeral. Then came Father's Day. We all celebrated at Jason and Jenny's. If I had only known it would be the last time I saw my Dad. Daddy died that very next week. It was so overwhelming. On top of that I was 6 weeks from delivering and huge as a house. Daniel and Jess caught the first flight home. And we buried Daddy that weekend. After Daddy died it was wonderful spending time with my family. It was great for us to be together during that time. Daniel got to stay home for about 3 weeks.

July - brought much needed happy news. Our precious bundle of joy, Cale David arrived on the last day of the month.

August - we were still trying to settle into being parents and having a new little one at home. Bryan started back to school and I was now at home solo. Then, Bryan's Memaw passed away. Just when we thought things were looking up. We made it through the last of our funerals for the year. Boy what a summer.

September - Mine and Bryan's birthdays. We went out to Maggianos. Cale didnt enjoy it in any way. I think he was just still too young and it was too much going on. I also started back to work at the end of the month. Cale started going to Ms. Katie.

October - Cale made it to his first football game and celebrated his first Halloween.

November - Daddy's birthday, a rough day for me. But Cale always makes it better. It was also Cale first trip to TN for Thanksgiving. He did great and everyone up there was thrilled to see him.

December - a lot of firsts.....Cale's first time rolling over, scooting, eating baby food, and Christmas. It was a great month.

This year has definately had its ups and downs, but that is what life is all about. I am looking forward to another year and watching my baby grow up into a little man!

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Hollie said...

You've definitely had your share of ups and downs this year and I've watched you stay strong through it all. Inspiring.
Hope 2009 will be such a great year for you and your fam.

And the pic on your header is awesome. You look absolutely beautiful!