Sunday, August 16, 2009

Cake Monster!

I have to first say thank you to Kristi for the pictures! She tried several times this week to email them to me, but the file was too big and it wouldn't go through. So she saved them to a disc and brought them to me this morning :) Now I feel bad for being so impatient!

There were a lot of pictures to choose from, but I mostly wanted to share the cake pictures. My man loves to eat!!!! And he loves sweets! So this was right up his alley!


Lindsey said...

So cute! Love the last one with that big ole cakey smile on his face!

Tina Davis said...

he gets cuter everyday!!! yum!

Kerri said... sweet.

Kasey said...

You will cherish these pictures FOREVER!!!

Garrett Conner said...