Friday, August 14, 2009

Cale's Party

I was trying to wait until I got all the pictures before I posted this, but I am tired of waiting. Being the mom at the party, you are too involved to take pictures. Nana took some for me on my camera, but I am waiting to get some more from others that were at the party that have promised to send them.

The party started off with lots of food. Then we moved into presents and finally CAKE! The kids all played well and I think everyone had a good time!

Cale LOVED his cake. He was into it before I could even set it down on his tray. I didn't get many pictures on my camera. Like I said, I am waiting to get them from friends.

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Tina Davis said...

awww i wish i wouldnt have been out of town!!! it looks like he had a blast!