Saturday, August 29, 2009

Cale standing up

My brother and his family came in for a surprise visit from Japan 2 weeks ago. On their first day here we were all sitting in Cale's room letting the boys play when all of a sudden Cale stood up! I was so happy, proud, excited, and shocked all at the same time! So of course I had to run and get the video camera.
So I turned it on and started filming.....but you guesses it....he wouldn't stand up! As soon as I turned it off, he stood up! Little turkey! So I started recording again until he finally did it again. Lucky for you, I edited the video before I uploaded it! I think Caleb was just as happy about Cale standing as we were!!!


Tina Davis said...

no way he cant be doing big boy stuff like that!! hes to little! hehe too cute!

The Bland's said...

That's so exciting. Congratulations! Now the fun begins, he has a whole new world to explore and get into things ;)

Katelyn said...

He is super cute. I love the big grin when he finally did it. Josh and I both agree that Cale and Caleb both totally look like your dad. They definitely belong.