Saturday, August 29, 2009

Catching Up!

It has been forever....I know! But we are still alive! Just extremely busy!

Bryan and I have both started back to work. That was not easy, but my body is slowly adjusting. It has been a week full of learning for me. I moved from teaching 5th grade last year to teaching 2nd grade this year. Talk about a big change! I am getting more comfortable with my new grade and I will get it all figured out soon enough.

Bryan is teaching PE and world history this year. He is also coaching football. They had their first game last night so it was just Cale and I at home. I took the opportunity to write my first of many papers! Yes you read that correctly. Along with changing grades at school and being a mommy, I have decided to get my masters!

Our county has teamed up with UNF to form a cohort. That basically just means that they are coming to our county to teach our classes. It is a 2 year program and is currently being held in Yulee (25 mins from home). They mentioned that after the first semester they may move it to a different part of the county depending on where the majority of people in the cohort live. We are hoping they will move it to our side! I am going to class 2 nights a week. We are so thankful to have parents that are willing to help us out! My mom is going to keep Cale on mondays for us. And Bryan's mom is going to keep him on wednesdays. Once football is over, Bryan will be able to get him, but for right now it is 7-7:30 before he gets home.

We enough about us, lets talk about Cale. My baby boy is growing up too fast!!!! He is talking more than ever. He can say, momma, daddy, ball, bye-bye, juice, ball, Bam Bam (Brett's dog), vroom vroom for any vehicle, woof woof for any dog, and plus a lot of jibber jabber that I cant understand :) He is growing so fast. He is not walking yet, but he will stand up by himself. He is getting pretty good at getting his balance, so I am sure that it wont be long. I am not pushing him because I know once he starts, it is all over!

Now that I am back to work, I have really tried to get back into the routine of cooking several nights a week. Not only does it save us money from eating out, but it also gives us lunches to take to work. While I was attempting to unload the dishwasher the other night, Cale decided he would help! And me being the mom that I am, instead of getting him out....I ran to get the camera. He loved it! His job was the silverware. And most of them got any extra rinse :) He just had to put them in his mouth! He is learning how to use his fork and spoon at dinner, so he was just practicing what momma has been teaching him!

For all of your recipe sharers out there....I have a few to share. I will try to get them posted soon. As for me, I am going to do my best to get back to posting on a more consistent basis!!!


The Panke's said...

Climbing the dishwasher never ends, Olivia still does it almost everytime I empty or load. She likes the silverware too, Paul usually lets her put it away and she thinks she's so cool.

GirlB300 said...

What a great mommy you are for letting Cale exlpore! I heard him say diaper when I was changing him Sunday. =)

Tina Davis said...

i cant wait to have some little ones! its just not as cute when ur dog jumps in the dishwasher and licks the forks! they get more then an "extra rinse" lol

Kasey said...

You have one busy schedule!!! Cale is getting cuter and cuter!