Saturday, August 9, 2008

Cale's first trip to the doctor

I know that my life has completely changed. This update is slightly delayed, but I have a little man that keeps me occupied. So I will try my best not to fall too far behind...LOL!!!

Cale had his first trip to the doctor on Tuesday. He was already almost back up to his birth weight. He weighed 7-12 at birth and had dropped down to 7-5 when we left the hospital. The doctor at the hospital told me that he really needed to be eating more to get his weight back up. So I was slightly nervous about what he would weigh, but he is already back up to 7-11. Dr. Hardman was very impressed by that! She said it normally takes about 2 weeks for babies to reach their birth weight again.

Speaking of eating....Cale started off nursing great, but since then has not been so hot. He would eat good during the day, but at night he would not. So at night he was getting up like every hour or so to eat, but he was not eating well enough to get full. I had to start supplementing with formula at night. Well I guess he decided that the bottle was much easier to eat off of, because he decided that he didn't want to nurse anymore. But thanks to Jobeth, I have been able to pump and feed him my milk through the bottle. And he is only getting up 2 times at night now!!!! WOOOHOOO!

So....enough for are some of the latest pictures of little man....

Daddy dressed me for the doctor ("Daddy's Little Wingman")

Me and Daddy waiting on the doctor to come in.....I was cold with no clothes on

Napping with Momma after a long night

Just hanging out in my bouncy seat

Papa feeding me

Granny feeding me (they both love that I am on the bottle they can help out!)


Dana said...

He is sooo cute!!

Conner Cutoff said...

Love that little guy!

TheVanzants said...

I love his little shoes - too adorable!