Wednesday, August 13, 2008

What a summer

Life is always unpredictable. That has never been more true for my family than this past summer. Bryan and I started our first day of summer break by attending his Papa's funeral. His Papa had been sick for a while, but you still cant ever really prepare to lose a loved one. Well exactly one week later, I got the worse and most unexpected news of my life. My Dad had passed away suddenly at home. My Dad had battled and beat cancer in the past year. If we had lost him during his battle with cancer I don't think that it would have been so shocking. But to think that he had fought and won the cancer battle and then to pass away was almost unthinkable for me. I was 8 1/2 months pregnant at the time. To think that my Dad would not see his grandson was crushing to me. But God knows what he is doing. If I had not been pregnant, I would have probably been a basket case. Having that little baby inside me is what kept me going. Now we have been blessed with a beautiful baby boy, and we thought that life was taking a turn for the better. Well yesterday Bryan's Memaw passed away. Her health had been declining, but we were not expecting her to go so soon.

We began our summer with a funeral, and we will now end our summer with a funeral. I know that the Lord never gives us more than we can handle, but I am really hoping that our family has handled enough for a while. I just pray that Cale will be our saving grace and will keep everyone looking forward. He is certainly a blessing in the midst of great grief and sorrow.


TheVanzants said...

Goodness, Tara, I'm so sorry to hear that. Your family will be in our prayers!

Ashlee Davis said...

praying for family!