Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Grocery Game....

Thanks to Hollie for introducing me to the grocery game! Not only does having a baby change your world emotionally, but it also changes your wallet too :) So I have tried to be very cautious with my spending lately. Last week I went grocery shopping (with my coupons in hand) and saved at total of 72 dollars and some change! I must say that I was quite proud of myself. Now I have signed up for The Grocery Game. It is a wonderful website that makes saving so much easier. When you sign up, it gives you a list of items on sale for your store of choice. It also lets you know what items will have coupons in the paper too. So after going through the paper today and clipping coupons and printing off my list from the website, I am ready to shop! I will be sure to let you know just how sucessful I am on my first go round. If you havent checked out the site, I encourage you to do will save you lots of $$$$!

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