Saturday, December 6, 2008

Christmas Show and Parade

This morning we had our annual Christmas Show for dance. I have been doing this since I was 4 years old. And in all my years, I can't remember ever missing a Christmas Show. Today was no exception. I was all over the place "supervising" inside and sneaking out a few times to watch the girls dance. Bryan brought Cale up, but it was a little cold this morning so the 2 of them sat in the office of the studio during the show. It worked out well though because Cale took a nap while the girls dance. So then he was happy and ready for the parade.

We met Jason, Jenny, and Brody for the parade. We walked a little ways before finding the perfect spot and settling in. We were able to sit right on the sidewalk at the edge of the road. Cale did great. He sat right in my lap and just watched. He jumped a few times when it got really loud, but he never cried or got scared.

Brody was funny. It took him a little while to figure it all out, but by the middle he was all about getting the candy. He loved the little cars, the John Deere Tractor, and there was a big airplane. I think he had a great time. Cale will be fun next year because he will be able to get excited about it all.

After the parade we made it back to the truck and had to unload all of our stuff from the stroller. While we did the boys sat on the tailgate waiting patiently :)


Jenn said...

Those pictures are so sweet! Luke enjoyed the parade today too. I'll have pictures up eventually!

Abbi said...

aw..his first parade! looks like yall had a good time!
cute pics!

The Panke's said...

Love your new banner-GATOR fan in training:) Looks like ya'll had a great time at the parade. I saw Cale chewing his finger-get ready for teeth:)

Hollie said...

cute pics Tara! he's getting so big!

TheVanzants said...

What a cutie.
I wish we could've gone to the parade - Reese and I are both battling colds so I thought it best to stay indoors :) Next year though!!

Kari said...

he was so cute up there !! :)