Monday, December 29, 2008

Singley Christmas

This past Saturday we had our Singley Family Christmas get-together. Everyone met at Aunt Joyce's. She lives in Green Cove Springs, way out in the middle of nowhere! The great part is that she has tons of land and play space for the kids (young and old).

Bryan woke up sick that morning, so I was on my own getting Cale ready. It is not bad getting him ready solo when I am prepared for it. But I wasn't prepared for it and quickly started running out of time. Somehow we made it out the door only running a few minutes late.

We had planned to ride with Jason, Jenny & Brody, since it is such a long ride. We all rode in my Tahoe, but I let Jason drive. He was thrilled about that :)

Once we were there we had lots of food and a fun visiting. It was a little strange because this was the first year without Daddy. I miss him terribly. I found myself constantly thinking about him because he and my Aunt Joyce look a lot alike to me. We all miss him, and it is especially hard during the holidays.

But the kids kept us entertained. After opening a few gifts, it was outside to play! The big kids played football and the younger kids played with bubbles and ended with a ride in the wagon pulled by the "tractor". They loved it!

While we were there, we got all the great-grandkids (minus the 2 that couldn't make it) to take a picture with Granny. There were a lot of cameras going off, so nobody knew exactly where to look. Here are a few that I got with my camera.


Abbi said...

first year without a loved one is always hard! i hope you had a wonderful Christmas!
cute pics!

AmyT said...

it is always hard without a special loved think about how much they would like this....I'm sorry. Love your pics!!!

The Panke's said...

I understand how you feel about your Dad. Christmas was my Dad's FAVORITE time of year. It is always hard-this is my 4th Christmas without him. The only assurance I can give you is that it will get easier as time passes. Always remember he is with you ALL the time and would want you to be happy. Knowing that will make it easier to enjoy yourself.