Monday, December 15, 2008

He did it!

My little man finally rolled over!

The only bad thing is that it happened in his crib after we put him to bed so neither of us got to see it :( We put him down (awake) and he was quiet for about 10 minutes. Then he started fussing. I just figured he had wedged his way into the corner (he is good at that). So Bryan went to check on him. He came back into the hallway laughing. Again I thought he was just up in the corner or sideways, but no, he was on his back just a grinning. I cant believe he finally did it! I just hope we actually get to see it happen soon.

While I am writing, I figured I would give a quick update on the baby food adventure. Cale LOVES it!!!! He is digging the cereal and applesauce mix. He is really getting the hang of it. Tonight Bryan fed him (because I had to go grocery shopping). He said that he couldnt hardly get it in his mouth fast enough! He is a champ when it comes to eating, and apparently a quick learner!


The Panke's said...

Don't worry the first few-OK about 5 times-Olivia rolled over I missed it too. She was also in her crib, maybe it's because they are comfortable there. He'll do it again when you least expect it and you'll be SO EXCITED:) I'm glad baby food is such a hit. Olivia still eats cereal like that-she just can't get enough and I can't shovel it fast enough for her:)

Kari said...

My girls both loved the cereal applesauce mix!!

way to go on the rolling over, the first step to being mobile.. he's growing too fast!

Hollie said...

Way to go on the rolling over! And don't you just love a baby that eats?!

Cale is looking more and more like Bryan to me as he gets older. Bryan with dark hair.