Friday, July 8, 2011

4th of July

Every year we load up and head to Mom's for the 4th. This year was fun because the whole family was there. We ate and played in the pool all day. The little kids had a blast, but I think the big kids had just as much fun. They played pool volleyball for 3-4 hours! I, on the other hand did a lot of eating and watching :)

What I did most of the day! I did move into the shade to watch the pool fun :)
Too cute! He didn't last long in them though.

Boys against girls!

My sweet boy. He was fairly timid in the pool until the last hour or two. Then he finally was brave enough to move away from the steps.

He even let Daddy throw him up several times.

After lots of eating and playing, we head over to my Aunt Chris's house on the beach for fireworks. Cale is scared of fireworks so he and Bryan stayed in the condo while we all went down to the beach to watch the fireworks.


Abbi said...

what a fun 4th!
cale is such a cutie!:)
you look great and i hope you're feeling great!

Anonymous said...

what a beautiful family. The pix were great. Thnx for sharing.