Friday, July 8, 2011

First Beach Trip of the Summer

We FINALLY made our first trip to the beach this past week. Yes I know, we live in Florida and most Floridians have been to the beach multiple times by the beginning of July, but I had my reasons. First off, I am 8 1/2 months preggo. Not exactly flattering in a bathing suit! Second, Cale was TERRIFIED of the beach last year. It is way too much work to go to the beach if he isn't going to like it. And in my condition, I cannot pick him up and that is what he would want if he had been scared.

But I finally decided to suck it up and go. My friend Heather was in town staying with us and she was excited to go to the beach too, so I had help! Plus Mom, Daniel, Jessica, and Caleb were all going too.

So we loaded up and headed to the beach. As we got there, he just wanted to slowly take it all in. He was a little anxious as we moved closer to the water, but it was low tide so we were able to stay back from the water a bit and he was ok with that.

He ran and played in the sand for a while.

Caleb, Daniel, and Jessica were playing in the tide pool. After watching them for a little while, he decided he would join them. As soon as he sat down he was so excited!

Laying back to get his hair wet :) Then Daniel, Jessica, and Caleb moved down to the water. Well of course Cale had to check it all out. He certainly didn't want to be left out, but he wasn't too sure about joining in yet either. He and Heather moved closer to the water where they stood and watched for a while.

Then Uncle Daniel came over and talked him into jumping waves. It was all over from there....he was hooked and would have jumped ALL day if someone would hold his hands!

After a bit he even let Uncle Daniel take him out further in the water. All-in-all I would say it was a great first trip to the beach. Now I won't be so hesitant to take him back, but I still won't be going by myself!

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