Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The fair

Bryan and I made our annual trip to the fair on Tuesday. This was while Cale was sick so he stayed at home with Aunt Valerie. We met up with Jason, Jenny, and Brody so that we could visit and watch Brody ride the rides. That was fun in itself, but Jason and I thought we would be brave and ride a few ourselves. Neither of us are afraid to ride, we were just a little leery of the rides that are put together in a matter of hours. Well, we didn't let that stop us and we rode a few. It was so much fun. We laughed so hard! I haven't had that much fun in a while :)

The next day I woke up SICK!!! Cale's cold had finally caught up with me. By Sunday, I was feeling much better and so was Cale. So we decided to take him to the fair that afternoon. This time we met up with my mom (Nana) and Jessica and Caleb (our family that lives in Japan who were here for a visit). It was fun watching Caleb on all the rides and laughing at Jessica. She doesn't do rides that go in circles, but had to ride the spinning apples with Caleb. It was quite a show!

Here are a few pictures of us that day at the fair. It was beautiful weather and I am glad we went.


Hollie said...

i love the pic of him smiling so big! adorable!

Dana said...

He's so adorable!!