Sunday, October 19, 2008

A looooong night!

Last night was a long one! Because Cale is sick and so stopped up, he has to sleep propped up to help him breathe.

We started out like this.....Me and Cale (in his boppy) in our bed and Bryan on the couch. I was awake every time Cale would cough (which was sometimes every 5-10 minutes). About 3:00 we were up because Cale couldn't breathe.

So we went to the couch with Bryan so that he could hold Cale while I used the sucker to get some snot out...and boy did I get some! No wonder he couldn't breathe. Poor guy! That was just enough to make him mad. When he would try to cry he would start coughing and then get choked because he was coughing up flim but he doesn't know what to do with it, so I had to suck that out too. After that whole ordeal and a clean diaper he fell back asleep.

Since I had gotten zero sleep up to that point, we put Cale in his bouncy seat beside the couch with Bryan and I went back to bed. Then around 7ish Cale was up to eat and Bryan and I switched places. I let him go to bed to get some sleep and I stayed on the couch. I was able to get about another hour or so of sleep, but then I was up.

So I thought since I was up I would be sweet and cook breakfast. Bryan had said he was going to go to church so I thought I would have it ready in time for him to eat before he left. I was close to having it done on time, but it really didn't matter. Breakfast has been ready for about and hour and a half and Bryan is still in bed! I woke him to tell him I cooked and it was ready if he wanted to eat, but I guess he didn't. So much for being a sweet and thoughtful wife!

Cale is still stopped up but is not coughing as much in his sleep, so maybe he is getting a little better. Hopefully tonight wont be so bad since Bryan and I both have work least it is planning day so there wont be any kids!


The Panke's said...

I hope he feels better soon.

TheVanzants said...

Poor little guy! I hope he feels better soon and you all get some much needed rest.

Kari said...

Hang in there. I hope he's feeling better soon. It's so pitiful when they get sick. I hate it :(

Hollie said...

I feel your pain girlie.
Hang in there. It'll get better!