Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Learning Early

Cale sat with Bryan while he played video game one night this week. Well, Cale decided he wanted to play too. He was trying to grab the controller, but Daddy's hands kept getting in the way! I think I am officially caught up for awhile....4 posts in one day. I think that is a record!


The Panke's said...

Isn't it GREAT when Dad wants to spend quality time with thier kids. Paul does the same thing but he is usually working on the truck or riding the 4 wheeler with Olivia. Pretty soon Bryan won't be so lucky, Cale will get the controller and keep it. Bryan won't stand a chance. It looks like things are going great:) Are you getting used to being a working mom, it's tough isn't it?

Conner Cutoff said...


First, Cale is so sweet and cute I can't wait to see him and get some sugar. I could pinch him in those gator clothes.

Second, Don't ever put Dirty half dressed on the blog ever again! My eyes are burning.

Dirty- why don't you pick up yo phone.