Friday, October 17, 2008

Sick baby

Well I think that Cale is officially sick! This is the first time that I have had to take care of my own sick child. He is so pitiful! He started coughing yesterday and it has only gotten worse from there. I called the doctor, but he is not running a fever so they don't really think it is necessary to bring him in. I am just going to watch him carefully and if it gets too bad then I will call again. She told me that if I still was worried about him in the morning to call her back and she would try and fit me in. Thank goodness for Saturday appointments!!!


The Panke's said...

I hope he feels better soon. It's tough to see your own baby sick. Give him lots of love:)

TheVanzants said...

poor little thing. hope he feels better. get some good cuddle time in - it's the best!

ALank said...

I'm sorry to hear that he's sick! I hope he gets better ASAP! I love reading all your updates!! Thank you for that!! & how are you feeling after dance?? Good I hope! Soon enough, you'll have a blog of that I'm sure!! =)