Saturday, October 11, 2008

Football time

Cale and I made it to another of Bryan's football game last night. This time I was flying solo. He really surprised me at how well he did. He sat in his carrier ALL night just watching. The only time I got him out was to burp him after his bottle and then I put him right back in. He smiled and talked off and on the whole game. He took about a 20-30 minute nap after half time, but was awake the rest of the time. I hope he continues to do this well!

I took a few pictures, but I forgot my camera, so these are off of my phone....that is why the quality is not so great.

"So Cute its scary"....thank you Nana for my outfit :)
He watched all the people around us...that is why he is not looking at me. They were way more interesting to him!


Ashlee Davis said...

that shirt is adorable and I just want to hold him :) He is beautiful

The Panke's said...

How cute:) I'm glad he's doing better in the carseat.