Monday, September 15, 2008

At last!

Last night started off like any other night. Cale got his bath around 9 and his bedtime bottle at 9:30. After his bottle he laid with Daddy for a bit until he started getting sleepy and Bryan went and put him in his crib. That didnt last long. From then until about 11:30 he laid in his bed, occassional dozing off, only to wake himself up by either loosing his pacifer or jumping and startling himself.

Around 11:30 I finally decided to get him out and rock him. I was ready for bed and couldnt go to sleep until I knew he was asleep. I finally got him down, only for him to wake up again at 12:30. So I got up and rocked him again. But this time I laid him on his belly because I knew he would be getting up in an hour or 2 to eat. So far we only put him on his belly for naps...I know we arent really suposed to do that, but he sleeps so much better that way. Well let me just say this...he didnt wake up to eat until 4:30...that is 7 hours since his last bottle!!!! I was so excited.

I fed him then and put him back down (on his belly again). I am very pleases to say that he is still sleeping right now at 8:30 :) It is very nice to wake up and not have to rush to take care of a crying baby! I definately feel great about last night and maybe tonight will be even better!

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Mrs. Hinson said...

I'm glad that you were able to get some rest. I think it's fine if they sleep on their belly. I'm no doctor, but they tend to change their mind about things yearly. When Camdyn was born I was told to put him on his belly. When Cayde came along, I was supposed to put him on his back, but he didn't want any part of it and would always end up on his belly! So, that's what we did so that we could get some sleep. When do you go back to work?