Thursday, September 4, 2008

Oh what a night!

Last night started out like any other night. We gave Cale a bath and bottle and then it was bed time. Although we had a little harder time putting him down for bed, he eventually was asleep. He woke up like normal around 12 for a bottle and went right back to sleep. The next feeding came around 3:30, right on schedule. So I got up and fixed his bottle. I fed him the first 2 oz, burped him and changed his diaper, just like always. Here is where it gets good. I brought him back to the bedroom to finish feeding him. Well he wasnt really wanting the bottle, so I pulled it out for a minute. That is when he passed a huge gas bubble! I figured that was his problem and he would be better now. So I tried giving him the bottle again and got the same fussy response. This time it wasnt just gas! He had a major blow out! It was so loud....I was surprised that it didnt wake up Bryan....well I shouldnt really be surprised because he could (and does) sleep through anything! Well I decided to give him a few minutes to finish his business before I went and changed him yet again. On the changing table I found a little more than I bargained for. Poor guy must of had a pretty upset tummy because it was just green water that came out of him (gross I know). But because it was so watery, it was everywhere. All I could do was laugh because the whole time I was cleaning him up and changing his clothes and changing pad, he was just laying there smiling away at me. Here it is almost 4 am by now and he is happy as can be. Me on the other hand, I am a walking zombie! Oh the joys of motherhood :) Needless to say, after I got him all cleaned up, he finished his bottle and was right back to bed. I guess you have to have a sense of humor to be a mom! As aggrevated as I could have been, I just had to smile at my sweet baby boy who felt so much better!


Ashlee Davis said...

great attitude, love the story

Kari said...

good times :)