Tuesday, September 16, 2008

He did it!

Cale slept through the whole night last night!!!!

OK, I promise that I wont post about his sleeping habits everyday :) But this is very exciting!

We stretched out his last bottle until 10 last night. Put him down afterwards and he went right to sleep. He wasnt really awake this morning (just swirmming a little), but Bryan went ahead and got him up at 7 and fed him before he went to work.

He stayed up after that feeding until 8 and then napped until 10:45. Let's just say that my little man likes his sleep...he definately gets that from his Momma!

I hope that this trend continues!

1 comment:

TheVanzants said...

It is very exciting! Question is - how did you sleep?

I'm so jealous! Maybe one day Reese will like sleep as much as I do...until then, I'll just be a sleepy mommy!