Saturday, September 13, 2008

We made it!

It was a long night, but we survived. Cale slept all night in his crib last he is growing up too fast! He was still up every 3-4 hours like had had been doing. I was hoping that 5 1/2 hour stretch would happen again. Wishful thinking I guess. I am exhausted today because I didn't sleep well. I actually stayed most of the night in the office on the futon, so that I could be right next to his room. I know I would have heard him on the monitor, but there is just something about being physically closer to him that made me feel better. I can assure you that I will sleep in my bed body aches from the futon! Hopefully as he gets used to being in his bed at night, he will start sleeping longer :)


TheVanzants said...

I knew he would do great. It'll get better every night and you'll also have bad nights in between...but, it'll be worth it!

preppy little dress said...

it will get easier!