Sunday, September 14, 2008

Date Night

In all the attention and demands surrounding having a new baby, dates definitely get put on the back burner. Last night, Bryan and I went on our first "date" in months. Even before Cale was born I was so uncomfortable that going out just wasnt really something that we did. I think the last time that just the two of us went out was the week Daddy died (mid-June). We just needed a break from life and went to the movies. I was so uncomfortable that sitting through the movie was like torture to me.

So last night Bryan said to pick out a movie (any movie I wanted...which never happens) and we were going out. I got online to find a movie, but nothing really sparked my interest. Since there was nothing playing I wanted to see, I just decided we would stay home. Well, that didnt go over well with Bryan. He insisted that I needed a break and some time away from the house (and I didnt realize how bad I needed it until he made me go). We decided that we would at least go to dinner.

Granny and Papa were more than happy to watch little man for us while we went out. We went to the Millhouse (by the airport). The food was great and plus we had a buy one dinner get one free coupon from the "Money Pages" magazine! So not only did we have great food....we got it at half the cost!!!!

After dinner we headed to Target. I needed something to wear to church, since I still cant fit into any of my clothes!!!!! I was able to find 1 dress (and only 1) on the clearance rack that fit. After all that searching, we didn't even make it to church this morning!

Today Bryan and I caught up on some MUCH NEEDED SLEEP!!!!! He got up with Cale around 7 and then came back to bed after he got Cale back down for a nap. Then I got up with him after his nap and went back to bed once I put him down for his next nap. It was really nice having Bryan here to help. So now we are ready to face another week of very little sleep...woo hoo!!!

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In His Image Photos said...

WOO HOO!! For date night!! Those really, really, really, REALLY are a necessity after the family expands to THREE! :) Good for Bryan that he persisted!