Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Shop til you drop

Today Jenny and I took Brody and Cale down to St Augustine to the outlet mall for a day of shopping. It was a very productive day for us both. I was on a hunt for clothes to start back to work in. I didn't want to buy a whole lot (or spend a whole lot) because these are not permanent additions to the wardrobe. These are simply a transitional phase of clothes until I loose all of my baby weight and fit back into my real clothes.

So the outlets was the ideal place to go. Every store had great sales. Gap and Banana Republic are always my 2 go-to store there for clothes. And I must say, they did not disappoint. I also scored two great pairs of shoes from Aerosoles (buy one get one 1/2 and extra 15% off just for educating the youth of America!)

You know I couldn't go to the outlets and not stop in the Carter's store for my little man. They had a huge sale. Almost every rack in the whole store was 40-50% off, with 1-60% and 1-70% off rack. I got Cale several the cutest little Halloween costume. He is going to be a little pumpkin! I am excited about the costume, but I am pretty sure that we wont be doing any trick-or-treating. Bryan has a game that night, so it will just be me and little man. So I am sure that the costume will be only to take pictures in. He will still be cute so it doesn't really matter!

Not only did we get a lot of great deals, it was nice just spending time with Jenny and Brody. Brody is quite a character. For those of you who don't know Brody, he is my nephew who is just a few months shy of 2. He has a great personality and it is really starting to shine. He was really excited to spend the day with "At-tuh" (Aunt Tara) and "Baby Tale" (Baby Cale)...not sure where my name came from, but that is what I am called....Bryan is known as "Nuh". He loves Bryan for some reason and asked several times today where Nuh was.

So anyway....back to Brody. He is hilarious. Here are just a few things that made me laugh today. On the drive down, Cale got the hiccups. Brody was trying to imitate Cale by pretending to have the hiccups too :) Once we were there, if Jenny and I separated in a store you could hear Brody yelling "At-tuh" throughout the whole store looking for me....doesn't that just make you smile! And the best part was that he was our tour guide for the entire car ride. He pointed out every big truck, tractor, bus, boat, pond, and more. He even kept us up to date on Cale. He would tell us that Cale was blowing bubbles or that he was sleeping (he was night-night in Brody's words).

Jenny has been around since I was in 6th grade, so she has always been like a sister to me. She and I just click. We can often just look at each other during group conversations or situations and know what the other one is thinking. It is really kind of scary. So it was really nice just to spend the day together and catch up. Since I have had Cale, we have not had a day to just hang out. Today was that day.

Thank you Jenny and Brody for a great trip. Even though Cale slept most of the day, he had fun too!


TheVanzants said...

Looks like you got some great deals. Love the shoes!!! I may just have to sneak down to the outlets soon - I need some work clothes!

And Cale will look so cute in the pumpkin - Reese is going to be a cow - I can't wait! But, like you said, it's just for pictures :)

KBO Boatright said...

That dress is so cute and I love those shoes:-) Can't wait to see Halloween pics. Last year we took Brock to a really cute pumpkin patch in Sas Marco...He would be cute in his outfit!